Smart Mobile Visual Doorbell

 Why customer choose our Smart Mobile Visual Doorbell:  <PLAY VIDEO>

★  Visual Doorbell : Visitors press button and smart mobile visual doorbell sends live video feed alert to your smart phone; then you can see; hear and speak to your visitor.
★  Our product will also include a matching-code traditional DingDong doorbell(the left hand-side one in the 1st file) as well. Therefore the users will still notice visitor is coming even they haven’t turn on their smart phone or their smart phone is not function.
★  Easy installation and convenient using; just download the APPS by our provided iOS and Android QR code from Apple or Google Play to the smart phone; following the set up procedures of our manual will be OK.

★  Multiple users and devices can receive alert.
★ Security : With our motion and infra-red sensor; can see visitors at night without them noticing even they don’t press your bell. One photo of the visitors will be taken automatically and stored in the smart phone whenever any visitors pressing the doorbell. One photo will also be taken automatically and send to the smart phone whenever there is any visitor stands outside your door exceed the preset time(5 – 30 seconds)
★  Video recording: Can record the conversation with the visitor.
★  IP Camera : Users can also use this function to watch all the activities outside your house at any time.
★  If your door is having electronic lock. You can remote unlock the door by your mobile, convenient for offices.

★  Safe for children and elderly people.

New intruder prevention function with siren alarm; please kindly visit