Brief Company Introduction

Zoltrix has been established in the year 1989. Modem and sound card are the major products of our company at the beginning stage. Our company is one of the biggest organization in Asia in the manufacturing of modems under our own brand – ‘Zoltrix’. We have our own worldwide sales channels in USA; Canada; Iran; Spain; Germany; Poland; Israel; Pakistan; South Africa; Egypt …. and our annual sales is around US$18 – 22 million during our peak period 1995 - 2005.

In addition to modem and sound card; we also have a strong sales line of computer accessories such as speakers; earphones; headphones; mouse; keyboard.

Start from the year 2000; our company has stepped into the manufacturing of memory products such USB Drive because we have very strong support of NAND Flash from Samsung. Our company is also one of the first few companies in the designing and manufacturing of USB Drive and MP3.

Nowadays; our main products lines are Visual Doorbell; Tablet; Sport DV; Car Recorder; Speaker; Power Bank; USB Drive and various kinds of mobile phone and computer accessories.

Our manufacturing plants are located in Dongguan and Shenzhen which has been established since 1995. The total factory space is 7500 square meter. The number of workers is more than 500 in the peak manufacturing season. Our factory has a very strong team of engineers to develop our own Zoltrix brand and support the OEM/ODM business as well. She also has a team of responsible and experienced management staff and QA team to support our marketing team to supply good quality products to our customers punctually. WORLD CLASS LEADING TECHNOLOGY is our company slogan.